Summary : 22/25 Max Entries
Summary : 12/25 Max Entries

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Competitor Name Club
Xander Bailey Unaffiliated
Ian Barnard Davidson Unaffiliated
Garrick Bateman Unaffiliated
Maxwell Becker Unaffiliated
Jedi Biswas-Diener Unaffiliated
Nicholas Conroy Unaffiliated
Ryan Duong Unaffiliated
Remi Foggetti Unaffiliated
Korey Forbes Unaffiliated
Julian Gonzales Unaffiliated
John Hensley Unaffiliated
Caleb Jacobson Unaffiliated
Owen Kochersberger Unaffiliated
james mccormick Unaffiliated
Noah McCready Unaffiliated
Kai Nevers Unaffiliated
Riley O’Brien Unaffiliated
Wesley Peterson Unaffiliated
Zechariah Rodino Unaffiliated
Alex Salazar Unaffiliated
Carter Schlosser Unaffiliated
William Sisley Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Venice Bailey Unaffiliated
Alissa Carreno Unaffiliated
Elizabeth Dennis-Pavlich Unaffiliated
Lindsey Duckett Unaffiliated
Cellina Grimm Unaffiliated
Asplund-Wain Isabella Unaffiliated
Isabel Kiefert Unaffiliated
Anna Koebel Unaffiliated
Sarah McMichael Unaffiliated
Annie Sibul Unaffiliated
Katherine Swanson Unaffiliated
liliana vanzutphen Unaffiliated

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