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Competitor Name Club
Anshul Dadwal Unaffiliated
Caleb Durbois Unaffiliated
Fisher Fehrenbach Unaffiliated
Jeremy Kam Unaffiliated
Alex Ma Unaffiliated
Tyler O’Dee Unaffiliated
George Schonewald Unaffiliated
Bennett Serisky Unaffiliated
Owen Tranchemontagne Unaffiliated
Aaron Ziller Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Forrest Andre Unaffiliated
Collin Atwell Unaffiliated
Tyler Bobbitt Unaffiliated
Marcus Chen Unaffiliated
William Christman Unaffiliated
Patrick Daly Unaffiliated
Gavin Darling Unaffiliated
Jacob Greenwood Unaffiliated
Alex Grove Unaffiliated
Adam Guggina Unaffiliated
Caleb Houston Unaffiliated
Benjamin Kaufman Unaffiliated
James Ma Unaffiliated
Cooper Mee Unaffiliated
Hunter Merrill Unaffiliated
Graham Owens Unaffiliated
Ryan Sallee Unaffiliated
Jonny Tang Unaffiliated
Braden Tripp Unaffiliated
Eli Varnum Unaffiliated
Jack Wagoner Unaffiliated
Harrison Walker Unaffiliated
James Weil Unaffiliated
Benjamin Wilkins Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Nathan Adler Unaffiliated
Jack Allen Unaffiliated
Destin Anthony Unaffiliated
Dash Barry Unaffiliated
Nathan Bigelow Unaffiliated
Edward Darlington Unaffiliated
Chetan Dhebar Unaffiliated
Finn Doyle Unaffiliated
Liam Faller Unaffiliated
Walker Fehrenbach Unaffiliated
Ian Frost Unaffiliated
Rohan Gage Unaffiliated
William Gallegos Unaffiliated
Zachary Gordon Unaffiliated
Clayton Johnson Unaffiliated
Benjamin Kim Unaffiliated
Parker MacDonald Unaffiliated
Kat McCormick Unaffiliated
Jackson Miller Unaffiliated
Samuel Miller Unaffiliated
Cassidy Monney Unaffiliated
Daniel Morland Unaffiliated
Tucker Robinson Unaffiliated
Calder Russell Unaffiliated
Kaleb Sands Unaffiliated
Ajan Sharma Unaffiliated
Cole Teng Unaffiliated
Maximilian Weil Unaffiliated
Silas Wickenden Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
William Beckman Unaffiliated
Noah Blucher Unaffiliated
Abel Bond Unaffiliated
Nadav Bukhin Unaffiliated
Patrick Canning Unaffiliated
Theo Currie Unaffiliated
Fynn Johnson Unaffiliated
Zahed Kaleem Unaffiliated
Linus Kochansky Unaffiliated
Joshua Marcolini Unaffiliated
Jacob McDonough Unaffiliated
Owen Mennell Unaffiliated
Max Niepel Unaffiliated
Owen Savage Unaffiliated
Garrett Sullivan Unaffiliated
Adrian Wang Unaffiliated
Jackson Welch Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Emmitt Baggish Unaffiliated
Jude Biello Unaffiliated
Max Cowden Unaffiliated
Hunter Gebo Unaffiliated
Simon Gelman Unaffiliated
Remi Lemaire Unaffiliated
Isaac Mayers Unaffiliated
Diego Nanda Unaffiliated
Landon Rubin Unaffiliated
Cody Tyler-Suzuki Unaffiliated
Myles Wisnowski Unaffiliated
William Yueh Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Katarina Delaney Unaffiliated
Marielle Horstmann Unaffiliated
Riley Johnson Unaffiliated
Shanta Pai Unaffiliated
Abigail Peaslee Unaffiliated
Vivian Pedicone Unaffiliated
Sadie Richardson Unaffiliated
Riley West Unaffiliated
Ella Yolen Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Liv Carter Unaffiliated
Lily Gillis Unaffiliated
Ana Gonzalez-Smith Unaffiliated
Elle Gordon Unaffiliated
Iris Heikkinen Unaffiliated
Paprika Indresano Unaffiliated
Mia Kaminsky Unaffiliated
Lylea Loison Unaffiliated
Delaney Lucia Unaffiliated
Chloe Macaluso Unaffiliated
Kayleigh Megowen Unaffiliated
Gracyn Mennell Unaffiliated
sophie miller Unaffiliated
Abby Myerberg Unaffiliated
Ava Navales Unaffiliated
Lydia O'Neil Unaffiliated
Juri Okamoto Unaffiliated
Veronica Perez Unaffiliated
Izzy Rodericks Unaffiliated
Avery Rubins Unaffiliated
Chloe Taft Unaffiliated
Jessica Taubert Unaffiliated
Anabelle Teng Unaffiliated
Lydia Torres Unaffiliated
Mia Vakoc Unaffiliated
Cassie Wang Unaffiliated
Chava Weisz Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Izzabella Baggish Unaffiliated
Brianna Cairns Unaffiliated
Nora Chen Unaffiliated
Marley Cohen Unaffiliated
Lea Conlogue Unaffiliated
Maddie Gillis Unaffiliated
Mae Goodson Unaffiliated
Merel Heilbron Unaffiliated
Merit Hodgson Unaffiliated
Lauren Houle Unaffiliated
Sophia Hsu Unaffiliated
Izzy Korf Unaffiliated
Sophie Lacombe Unaffiliated
Kamryn Low Unaffiliated
Maggie Nielson Unaffiliated
Lily Sallee Unaffiliated
Hannah Shermak Unaffiliated
Laurel Soward Unaffiliated
Kara Taylor Unaffiliated
Teegan Toto Unaffiliated
Laura White Unaffiliated
Hannah Zizlsperger Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Angelina Barton Unaffiliated
Alexis Barton Unaffiliated
Amelia Berliner Unaffiliated
Charlotte Berliner Unaffiliated
Charlotte Case Unaffiliated
Isabelle Case Unaffiliated
Brynn Castellani-Heller Unaffiliated
Cleo Cleveland Unaffiliated
Catherine Cole Unaffiliated
Sophie Estes Unaffiliated
Vivian Guerette Unaffiliated
Antigone Hines Unaffiliated
Lorelei Houston Unaffiliated
Madeleine Hsu Unaffiliated
Piper Hutchins Unaffiliated
Eleanor Joy Unaffiliated
Ahna Jung Unaffiliated
Ainsley Ludlum Unaffiliated
Amelia Martin Unaffiliated
Arielle Nanda Unaffiliated
Caroline Rapp Unaffiliated
Tessa Sutliff Unaffiliated
Elizabeth Traber-Hill Unaffiliated
Tabitha Trubridge Unaffiliated
Coco Ward Unaffiliated
Brianna Yueh Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Davita Ball Unaffiliated
Elsa Benninga Unaffiliated
Karma Elwan Unaffiliated
Anuradha Gangaputra Unaffiliated
Ruby Gillotti-White Unaffiliated
Jennifer Gordon Unaffiliated
Laura Guzman Unaffiliated
Madelyn Holmes Unaffiliated
Emily Lu Unaffiliated
Sydney Lu Unaffiliated
Mia Rubin Unaffiliated
Clara Sciandra Unaffiliated
Charlotte Wisnowski Unaffiliated

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