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Competitor Name Club
Hugh Anderson-Foster Unaffiliated
Robert Bevacqua Unaffiliated
Aidan Callan Unaffiliated
Ryan Christianson Unaffiliated
Conner Cruz Unaffiliated
Morgan De Vera Unaffiliated
Samuel Eichler Unaffiliated
Bilal Elwan Unaffiliated
Lance Evensen Unaffiliated
Ethan Fernandez Unaffiliated
Kevin Haggerty Unaffiliated
Devin Harmon Unaffiliated
Teague Hendrick Unaffiliated
Jake Kim Unaffiliated
David Kwon Unaffiliated
Max Livingstone Taylor Unaffiliated
Kristaps Mikulans Unaffiliated
Nathan Monte Unaffiliated
Carson Moore Unaffiliated
Tyler Moyers Unaffiliated
Christopher Nguyen Unaffiliated
Owen Rotenberg Unaffiliated
Gavin Schulz Unaffiliated
Peter Striegl Unaffiliated
Griffin Tandon Unaffiliated
Félix Teraoka Unaffiliated
Brayden Tibbetts Unaffiliated
Zander Vaux Unaffiliated
Evan Vavra Unaffiliated
Aidan Williams Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Jack Alvino Unaffiliated
August Austin Unaffiliated
Quentin Borgstrom Unaffiliated
Daniel Castillo Unaffiliated
Christian Chang Unaffiliated
Landon Cione Unaffiliated
John Deverell Unaffiliated
Jacob Eichler Unaffiliated
Giovanni Fissell Unaffiliated
Tony Gianzero Unaffiliated
Skyler Goerrissen Unaffiliated
Brodie Hendrick Unaffiliated
Brandon Hobert Unaffiliated
Jeremy Holmes Unaffiliated
Cruz Jackson Unaffiliated
Zion Kandel Unaffiliated
Joey Kim Unaffiliated
Alex Lehmann Unaffiliated
Thomas Lin Unaffiliated
Kyle Lin Unaffiliated
Quinn McKenzie Unaffiliated
Ryan Miller Unaffiliated
Cole Nelson Unaffiliated
Andres Ortega-Fosado Unaffiliated
Donovan Pair Unaffiliated
Jack Ras Unaffiliated
Jesse Robinson Unaffiliated
Jacob Rosburg Unaffiliated
Marcus Yoo Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
William babikan Unaffiliated
Noah Beubis Unaffiliated
Rocco Bozzo Unaffiliated
Shane Bringhurst Unaffiliated
Manuel Brito Unaffiliated
Michael Cantor Unaffiliated
Daniel Capehart Unaffiliated
Lars Dau Unaffiliated
Sebastian Durand Unaffiliated
Ari Firestone Unaffiliated
Joe Forrand Unaffiliated
Luke Funk Unaffiliated
Kieren Gordon Unaffiliated
Theo Gorham Unaffiliated
Eli Gross Unaffiliated
Peter Gusev Unaffiliated
Peyton Hannon Unaffiliated
Nathan Havens Unaffiliated
Michael Hom Unaffiliated
Millen Kalb Unaffiliated
Jonah Kane Unaffiliated
Tyler Martin Unaffiliated
Camden May Unaffiliated
Andrew Moore Unaffiliated
Hardy Neumann Unaffiliated
Angus Norden Unaffiliated
Jordan Orta Unaffiliated
Declan Osgood Unaffiliated
Jayden Perez Unaffiliated
Finn Retsek Unaffiliated
Garrett Robinson Unaffiliated
Kai Rottler Unaffiliated
Lucas Salisbury Unaffiliated
Logan Schlecht Unaffiliated
Jonah Segerman Unaffiliated
Hamzah Shafique Unaffiliated
Wesley Smith Unaffiliated
Shane Spitler Unaffiliated
Taj Strang Unaffiliated
Sawyer Suzuki Unaffiliated
Max Ziomek Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Zachary Bartholomeusz Unaffiliated
gavin ferris Unaffiliated
Vincent Forehand Unaffiliated
Kieran Franich Unaffiliated
Brian Gradascevic Unaffiliated
Parker Gurdison Unaffiliated
Isaac Ham Unaffiliated
Matthew Kasalko Unaffiliated
Koumei Kato Unaffiliated
Dylan Koedel Unaffiliated
Pierce Rakozy Unaffiliated
Emmet Shemer Unaffiliated
Daniel Slavov Unaffiliated
Evan Thomas Unaffiliated
Declan Waldman Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Eli Altman Unaffiliated
Sen Goshima Unaffiliated
Dashiell Hewlett Unaffiliated
Savva Holyas Unaffiliated
Seishu Kato Unaffiliated
Tenzin Suleman Unaffiliated
Rhys Triana Unaffiliated
Felix Zhang Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Miriam Borgstrom Unaffiliated
Ally Dolich Unaffiliated
Bethany Eehn Unaffiliated
Gillian Gainor Unaffiliated
Helen Gillett Unaffiliated
Dylan Haines-Reál Unaffiliated
Emily Hsi Unaffiliated
Autumn Lee Unaffiliated
Eva McHenry Unaffiliated
Grace Norris Unaffiliated
Kendall Stocker Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Erin Abcarius Unaffiliated
Alina Albert Unaffiliated
Tylar Arnold Unaffiliated
Ashley Bates Unaffiliated
Jordyn-Rose Bovay Unaffiliated
Jeni-Vee Bovay Unaffiliated
Zoe Bruckner Unaffiliated
Catherine Cadieux Unaffiliated
Lydia Cho Unaffiliated
Lilly Czerwinski Unaffiliated
Jessica Davis Unaffiliated
Hannah Delkeskamp Unaffiliated
Ella Fisher Unaffiliated
Gracen Gainor Unaffiliated
Natalie Gates Unaffiliated
Lily Gurdison Unaffiliated
Sofia Hamilton Unaffiliated
Emma Hattne Unaffiliated
Isabel Hazlett Unaffiliated
Marissa Jauregui Unaffiliated
Sophie Jelbert Unaffiliated
Claire Kim Unaffiliated
Silja Kjartansdottir Unaffiliated
Noa Kliger Unaffiliated
Samantha Lai Unaffiliated
Abrielle Lehmberg Unaffiliated
Ciel Mitrovich Unaffiliated
Sarah Najjar Unaffiliated
Ashley Ngo Unaffiliated
Jayne Norris Unaffiliated
Sofia O'Regan Unaffiliated
Bethany Pro Unaffiliated
Margaret Purcell Unaffiliated
Annabelle Rivard Unaffiliated
Audrey Sachs Unaffiliated
Areebah Shafique Unaffiliated
RHEA SHETH Unaffiliated
Surya Sivagnanam Unaffiliated
Emma Snell Unaffiliated
Helena Spydell Unaffiliated
Sienna Tandon Unaffiliated
Lukha Thirion Unaffiliated
Anneke Timmerman Unaffiliated
Ciara Treanor Unaffiliated
Morgan Zamora Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Anna Bartholomeusz Unaffiliated
Mara Beckman Unaffiliated
Matilda Bier Unaffiliated
Camellia Bober Unaffiliated
Nicole Borie Unaffiliated
Samantha Brockett Unaffiliated
Emily Brown Unaffiliated
Camille Choe Unaffiliated
Elaina Costabile Unaffiliated
Josie Cramer Unaffiliated
Paige Elliott Unaffiliated
Val Engelman Unaffiliated
Analicia Figueroa Unaffiliated
Grace Flores Unaffiliated
Mariella Floyd Unaffiliated
Teryance Ford Unaffiliated
Sienna Franich Unaffiliated
Ellie Goerrissen Unaffiliated
Gianna Goodman-Bhyat Unaffiliated
Maddi Haferling Unaffiliated
Audrey Herriges Unaffiliated
Rachel Khoddam Unaffiliated
Addison Kohlmeier Unaffiliated
Tegan Koranda Unaffiliated
Chloe Lim Unaffiliated
Hermione Lu Unaffiliated
Lithai March Unaffiliated
Sienna Morgan Unaffiliated
Abigail Ngo Unaffiliated
Ashley O'Regan Unaffiliated
Margaret Pritzker Unaffiliated
Adeline Rakozy Unaffiliated
Geneveive Rakozy Unaffiliated
Gabriella Riccobono Unaffiliated
Skylar Roberts Unaffiliated
Audrey Roberts Unaffiliated
Kaitlyn Sapp Unaffiliated
Mila Sasikumar Unaffiliated
Mollie Schmid Unaffiliated
Madeline Seech Unaffiliated
Victoria Slavov Unaffiliated
Kolea Szydlo Unaffiliated
Sahalie Thoms Unaffiliated
Topanga Tusantoso Unaffiliated
Lucy Varela Unaffiliated
Genevieve Walker Unaffiliated
Zoe Yi Unaffiliated
TIANA ZHANG Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Taylor Black Unaffiliated
Naomi Isabella Cook Unaffiliated
Lauren Craven Unaffiliated
Ava DiDomizio Unaffiliated
Autumn Donahey Unaffiliated
Mia Gommel Unaffiliated
Lina Green Unaffiliated
Ariel Hefetz Unaffiliated
Evelyn Heninger Unaffiliated
Charlotte Hill Unaffiliated
Siena Hutchinson Unaffiliated
Emma Kallstrand Unaffiliated
Calli Levine Unaffiliated
Elise Liljenstrand-Mjoen Unaffiliated
Finley Miller Unaffiliated
Alyssa Molloy Unaffiliated
Nicola Onderdonk Unaffiliated
Margaret Pawloski Unaffiliated
Giuliana Pignatello Unaffiliated
Alexis Prokopuk Unaffiliated
Vera Stephenson Unaffiliated
Ella Streeter Unaffiliated
Khadija Magali (KM) Suleman Unaffiliated
Lily Tsai Unaffiliated
Ellie Twardos Unaffiliated
Maia Wulff Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Prajati Dela Cruz Unaffiliated
Hailey Gorham Unaffiliated
Yekaterina Gusev Unaffiliated
Mila Hart Unaffiliated
Zoey Hunsinger Unaffiliated
Ruby Ivie-Valle Unaffiliated
Ariel Koering Unaffiliated
Gwyneth Lipeles Unaffiliated
Ryla Magliola Unaffiliated
Soraya Rincon Unaffiliated
Olivia Shaeffer Unaffiliated
NICOLE SHAR Unaffiliated
Makayla Soltau Unaffiliated
Camila Soto Unaffiliated
Camille Stockton Unaffiliated
Ella Swenson Unaffiliated
Candice Taylor Unaffiliated
Willow Wragg Unaffiliated

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