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Competitor Name Club
Dillon Greenberg Unaffiliated
Colby Lairdieson Unaffiliated
Dylan Liu-Walter Unaffiliated
Camren Mattia Unaffiliated
Andrew Minocha Unaffiliated
Peter Molzer Unaffiliated
Gabriel Russo Unaffiliated
Stephen Schulte Unaffiliated
Eric Song Unaffiliated
Alec Williams Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
John Bettenbender Unaffiliated
michael Ciongoli Unaffiliated
Thomas Cortright Unaffiliated
Sam Cosentino Unaffiliated
Zach Cramer Unaffiliated
James Dews Unaffiliated
Logan DiCarlo Unaffiliated
Peter Evanowski Unaffiliated
Daniel Fiskin Unaffiliated
Elan Goldberg Unaffiliated
Chase Greenberg Unaffiliated
Carter Herman Unaffiliated
Keegan Keller Unaffiliated
Kian Lucy Unaffiliated
Maxwell Lye Unaffiliated
Jack McGarity Unaffiliated
Michael Mendez Unaffiliated
Carter Pataki Unaffiliated
Krishan Patel Unaffiliated
Ryan Perdue Unaffiliated
Lucas Peron Unaffiliated
Stefan Wenzelburger Unaffiliated
Dylan Yu Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Zachary Barckholtz Unaffiliated
Hunter Barrett Unaffiliated
Niall Brennan Unaffiliated
Leo Burnett Unaffiliated
James Burt Unaffiliated
Oliver Chan Unaffiliated
Auggie Chi Unaffiliated
Mickey DiCarlo Unaffiliated
Luke Dreyfuss Unaffiliated
Dimitri Fedorov Unaffiliated
Leo Hesse Unaffiliated
Lukas Kallio Unaffiliated
Kevin Keller Unaffiliated
Ori Leshem Unaffiliated
TJ Libro Unaffiliated
Aidan Murray Unaffiliated
Tyler Rizzo Unaffiliated
Miles Schwartz Unaffiliated
Kiran Waka Unaffiliated
Kyle Yang Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Adam Baron Unaffiliated
Nicolas Berber Unaffiliated
Denys Berletov Unaffiliated
Henry Caruso Unaffiliated
nevo faitelson Unaffiliated
Jakob Grach Unaffiliated
Cooper Maene Unaffiliated
Riley McMynne Unaffiliated
Greyson Meyer Unaffiliated
Liam Riley Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Jasper DiCarlo Unaffiliated
Elong Luo Unaffiliated
Lucas Pociejowski Unaffiliated
Christian Ross Unaffiliated
Krish Shah Unaffiliated
Logan Yiu Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Sarah Agostin Unaffiliated
Emma Carlin Unaffiliated
Norah Chi Unaffiliated
Alexa Cichon Unaffiliated
Emilia Cramer Unaffiliated
Anna delorenzi Unaffiliated
Jordan Hecker Unaffiliated
Edie Koehlert Unaffiliated
Natalia Levine Unaffiliated
Courtney Tamagny Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Sabrina Adams Unaffiliated
Naia Beckwith Unaffiliated
Sarah Buttikofer Unaffiliated
Eva Farbman Unaffiliated
Ella Fedroff Unaffiliated
Tessa Furlow Unaffiliated
Ava Garver Unaffiliated
Brianna Harris Unaffiliated
Celeste Intagliata Unaffiliated
Reese Kimmel Unaffiliated
Nyasha Anne Knigge Unaffiliated
Olivia Ma Unaffiliated
Annalis M. Nunez Unaffiliated
Madeleine Press Unaffiliated
Tessa Raines Unaffiliated
Mackenzie Richter Unaffiliated
Skylar Ross Unaffiliated
Ella Salmon Unaffiliated
Maya Umylny Unaffiliated
Aine Walsh Unaffiliated
Rory Weldon Unaffiliated
Anya Wieloch Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Julia Andersen Unaffiliated
Echo Brady Unaffiliated
Jojo Chi Unaffiliated
Shiri Franklin Unaffiliated
Mila Huang Unaffiliated
Abby Kaufman Unaffiliated
Layla Kluth Unaffiliated
Novella Lye Unaffiliated
Sophia May Unaffiliated
Sai Press Unaffiliated
Natalie Proulx Unaffiliated
McKenna Rizk Unaffiliated
Isabel Ross Unaffiliated
Lilah Sen Unaffiliated
Lucy Soukup Unaffiliated
lauren Stowers Unaffiliated
Avery Tessler Unaffiliated
Audrey Tracy Unaffiliated
Leah Vannozzi Unaffiliated
Paivi Vargas Unaffiliated
Alexarya Volesko Unaffiliated
Mia Whitney Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Eva Bonini Unaffiliated
Zoe Chi Unaffiliated
Lucia Gonzalez Unaffiliated
Gabriella Haas Unaffiliated
Francesca Hain Unaffiliated
Isabel Hesse Unaffiliated
Alexandra Johnson Unaffiliated
Maya Koren Unaffiliated
Alma Laine Unaffiliated
Devon Libro Unaffiliated
Allegra Lye Unaffiliated
chloe nicolas-manav Unaffiliated
Bella Perez-Olle Unaffiliated
sophie posarlie Unaffiliated
Maya Radchenko Unaffiliated
Luca Schindler Unaffiliated
Ava Scorsone Unaffiliated
Inaya Shiraz Unaffiliated
Caroline Thiede Unaffiliated
Agata Uryniuk Unaffiliated
River Williams Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Karissa Cetl Unaffiliated
Aria Choxi Unaffiliated
Isadora Coombes-Moss Unaffiliated
Corinne DeCorte Unaffiliated
Reagan Draine Unaffiliated
Daniela Efstathiou Unaffiliated
Maya Glover Unaffiliated
Milla Laine Unaffiliated
Hanna Luo Unaffiliated
Anna Risteski Unaffiliated
Natalie Ross Unaffiliated
Amelie Schey Unaffiliated

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