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Competitor Name Club
Owen Bales Unaffiliated
Charles Coriell Unaffiliated
Anthony Fortuna Unaffiliated
Nolan Frame Unaffiliated
Evan Homan Unaffiliated
Isaiah Lang Unaffiliated
Cameron Lawson Unaffiliated
Jack McFadden Unaffiliated
Gabriel Scheiber Unaffiliated
Charles Schwab Unaffiliated
John Shirley Unaffiliated
Mika Tomandl Unaffiliated
Cyrus Urheim Unaffiliated
Noli Visnius Unaffiliated
David West Unaffiliated
Cole Wiley Unaffiliated
Alex Wolfe Unaffiliated
Marco WRIGHT Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Weston Altorfer Unaffiliated
Zach Burns Unaffiliated
Miles Davis Unaffiliated
William Eaton Unaffiliated
Evan Foster Unaffiliated
conrad gehlhausen Unaffiliated
Wyatt Glassmeyer Unaffiliated
Aden Guerrero Unaffiliated
Cole Homan Unaffiliated
Justin Horne Unaffiliated
Hayden Klinger Unaffiliated
Max Leman Unaffiliated
Chyen Melton Hanily Unaffiliated
Cash Metz Unaffiliated
Jake Meyers Unaffiliated
Owen Mudrick Unaffiliated
Joseph Neuman Unaffiliated
Nicholas Rasmussen Unaffiliated
Eli Roberts Unaffiliated
Ryan Schwab Unaffiliated
bernie simms Unaffiliated
Liam Smith Unaffiliated
William Stewart Unaffiliated
Ty Stokes Unaffiliated
Nikolas Tillema Unaffiliated
Bret Trowbridge Unaffiliated
Jasper Zhu Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
William Antone Unaffiliated
Charles Baker Unaffiliated
Griffin Buckles Unaffiliated
Spencer Choi Unaffiliated
Ethan Coddington Unaffiliated
Liam Duncan Unaffiliated
Nate Emery Unaffiliated
Merlin Hohmann Unaffiliated
Ethan Levin Unaffiliated
Theodore Neuman Unaffiliated
Asher Pargeon Unaffiliated
William Shaffer Unaffiliated
Noah Wanner Unaffiliated
Callum Weber Unaffiliated
Benjamin Williamson Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Laker Demmin Unaffiliated
Maxwell Duncan Unaffiliated
Jude Elliott Unaffiliated
Todd Fredrickson Unaffiliated
Gem Hohmann Unaffiliated
Kawin Taufer Unaffiliated
William Weinkein Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Matthew Bearby Unaffiliated
Tommy Fiedler Unaffiliated
Ben Jennings Unaffiliated
Alex Libby Unaffiliated
Cort Lieffers Unaffiliated
Cary Phillipson Unaffiliated
Colin Swayze Unaffiliated
Joshua Wanner Unaffiliated
Samuel Wanner Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Alia Benson Unaffiliated
Adelaide Bevis Unaffiliated
Petra Bora Unaffiliated
Evangelina Briggs Unaffiliated
Meredith Johnson Unaffiliated
Sophie Lamancusa Unaffiliated
Misha McGuire Unaffiliated
Dante McGuire Unaffiliated
Sarah Ngo Unaffiliated
Ava Perrin Unaffiliated
Kate Skarda Unaffiliated
Evelyn Tennenhouse Unaffiliated
Mirabelle Thornton Unaffiliated
Anna Walpole Unaffiliated
Emma Wiley Unaffiliated
Sydney Williams Unaffiliated
Aurora Zeis Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Avelea Bachman Unaffiliated
Jillian Bender Unaffiliated
Claire Benesh Unaffiliated
Avery Bergin Unaffiliated
Abby Boissy Unaffiliated
Kayleigh Borek Unaffiliated
Graciela Briggs Unaffiliated
Anna Chen Unaffiliated
Ava Ciampa Unaffiliated
Emillie Dotson Unaffiliated
Taegan Gadberry Unaffiliated
Kylie Holmer Unaffiliated
Ada Menk-Brown Unaffiliated
Brooklyn Moore Unaffiliated
Amelie Neidhard Unaffiliated
Stella Pargeon Unaffiliated
Arleen Reynolds Unaffiliated
Sophia Schafer Unaffiliated
Giselle Sendra Unaffiliated
Lily Staudt Unaffiliated
Harriett Stevenson Unaffiliated
Lillian Tennenhouse Unaffiliated
Graceyn Tennenhouse Unaffiliated
Erica Urheim Unaffiliated
Madeline Wanner Unaffiliated
Skylar Welch Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Elena Altorfer Unaffiliated
Aviva Averbuch Unaffiliated
Meredith Bell Unaffiliated
MarySol Bennett Unaffiliated
Dorothy Blackburn Unaffiliated
Charlotte Bricker Unaffiliated
Kalyani Danforth Unaffiliated
Kelsey Daniels Unaffiliated
Sierra Farnham Unaffiliated
Brooke Fredrickson Unaffiliated
Violet Freeman Unaffiliated
Addyson Gadberry Unaffiliated
Mathilde Moreno Unaffiliated
Jane Porzel Unaffiliated
Piper Poshard Unaffiliated
Meadow Staubach Unaffiliated
Purnima Taufer Unaffiliated
Ava Woodburn Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Camilla Bonnell Unaffiliated
Nicole Chen Unaffiliated
Ciela Ciampa Unaffiliated
Elia Costakes Unaffiliated
Natalie Muntz Unaffiliated
Elaina Reynolds Unaffiliated
Heidi Schwierling Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Grace Fisher Unaffiliated
Gabriella Fraizer Unaffiliated
Claire Greenspan Unaffiliated

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