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Competitor Name Club
Samuel Le Unaffiliated
Austin Leigh Unaffiliated
Jake Melancon Unaffiliated
William Pearson Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Aami Agado Unaffiliated
Dexter Bellee Unaffiliated
Nicolas Benacquista Unaffiliated
Koda Burdette Unaffiliated
Ethan Derr Unaffiliated
Aiden Farley Unaffiliated
Kyle Goss Unaffiliated
Brenden Green Unaffiliated
Zach Harrington Unaffiliated
Anthony Jaramillo Unaffiliated
Riley Jensen Unaffiliated
Andrew Jin Unaffiliated
Rowan Larkin Unaffiliated
Avery Lifton-Jochnowitz Unaffiliated
Caden Loya Unaffiliated
Moon Mendoza Unaffiliated
Ethan Milner Unaffiliated
Logan Miner Unaffiliated
Seth Pixton Unaffiliated
Nathanial Rogers Unaffiliated
Soren Toker Unaffiliated
Samuel Watson Unaffiliated
Stanis Zarsky Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Valen Amarasingham Unaffiliated
Lucas Barnard Unaffiliated
Edward Briggs Unaffiliated
Colin Caughran Unaffiliated
Jonah Coleman Unaffiliated
Ivan Dos Santos David Unaffiliated
Colin Fowell Unaffiliated
Christopher Harris Unaffiliated
Braden Hawn Unaffiliated
Tyler Hedengren Unaffiliated
Jacob Johnson Unaffiliated
Trevor Keichline Unaffiliated
Tyler Kizerian Unaffiliated
Carlos Josiah Le Unaffiliated
Willem Lessner Unaffiliated
Zachary Lippert Unaffiliated
Oakley Littleton Unaffiliated
Sebastian Martinez Unaffiliated
Chapman Perossa Unaffiliated
AnNhien Pham Unaffiliated
Will Preston Unaffiliated
Liam Reaux Unaffiliated
Pablo Rodriguez Unaffiliated
Nathaniel Sinitiere Unaffiliated
Benaiah Trevino Unaffiliated
David Wariner Unaffiliated
Frederik Welker Unaffiliated
Bodhi White Unaffiliated
Isaac Wilkes Unaffiliated
Gustavo Zarsky Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Nolan Brant Unaffiliated
Cooper Chipuk Unaffiliated
Zephyr Gates Unaffiliated
Rome Gollogly Unaffiliated
Kyle Hedengren Unaffiliated
William Salthouse Unaffiliated
Zayne Wong Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Morsal Avazpour Unaffiliated
Liam Brunkhorst Unaffiliated
Matthew Bykov Unaffiliated
Colton Gates Unaffiliated
Weston Hough Unaffiliated
Alexandru Mihaila Unaffiliated
Jaxon Skaggs Unaffiliated
Erik Velez Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Juliette Madere Unaffiliated
Cassandra Nagy Unaffiliated
Kate Oliver Unaffiliated
Annika Roberts Unaffiliated
Claire Sherman Unaffiliated
Claire Turner Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Summer Alden-Gutierrez Unaffiliated
Sadie Burt Unaffiliated
Oceana Carter Unaffiliated
Skylar Hawn Unaffiliated
Abbie Long Unaffiliated
Elizabeth McPheeters Unaffiliated
Lucinda Metzger Unaffiliated
Julia Newton Unaffiliated
Ava Robins Unaffiliated
Taylor Robins Unaffiliated
Bethany Sanders Unaffiliated
Morgan Sauri Unaffiliated
Charmian Schraufnagel Unaffiliated
Michelle Yang Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Alexis Barker Unaffiliated
Addisyn Basham Unaffiliated
Samirah Bisht Unaffiliated
Victoria D'Souza Unaffiliated
Elise Eaves Unaffiliated
Brynne Farley Unaffiliated
Emma Fowell Unaffiliated
Elizabeth Gardner Unaffiliated
Aniyah Gill Unaffiliated
Lila Haile Unaffiliated
Sarah Land Unaffiliated
Nora Marquez Unaffiliated
Jersey McCasland Unaffiliated
Jane McKenna Unaffiliated
Lily Mungkornpanich Unaffiliated
Isabella Ong Unaffiliated
Riley Patrick Unaffiliated
Claire Pee Unaffiliated
Boya Peng Unaffiliated
Isabella Rivera Unaffiliated
Anastasia Sanders Unaffiliated
Reagan Solt Unaffiliated
Olivia Titus Unaffiliated
Julianne Vawter Unaffiliated
Madi Walsh Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Sophie Allan Unaffiliated
Riven Burdette Unaffiliated
Payton Byram Unaffiliated
Jessa Casall Unaffiliated
Ella Contreras Unaffiliated
Evelyn Cotton Unaffiliated
Maya Davis Unaffiliated
Sophia Gamboa Unaffiliated
Lily Gardella Unaffiliated
Meredith Garner Unaffiliated
Katara Gurugopal Unaffiliated
Paisley Hagy Unaffiliated
Allyson Hepp Unaffiliated
Joyce Jin Unaffiliated
Raven Kidman Unaffiliated
Greta Kittrell Unaffiliated
Kailyn Leong Unaffiliated
Abigail Lester Unaffiliated
Genevieve Rudner Unaffiliated
Caroline Tutor Unaffiliated
Kaitlyn Weaver Unaffiliated
Anna Wilkes Unaffiliated
Joyce Yang Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
JoJo Andreani Unaffiliated
Ivory Bai Unaffiliated
Ruby Carrasco Unaffiliated
Olive Contreras Unaffiliated
Eva Dos Santos David Unaffiliated
Ashlyn Farmer Unaffiliated
Keala Gebhardt Unaffiliated
Tess Reiley Unaffiliated
Emma Reiley Unaffiliated
Elly Roehl Unaffiliated
Aria Ruff Unaffiliated
Brynn Tigelaar Unaffiliated
Lilah Vaden Unaffiliated
Zoe Wang Unaffiliated
Kaitlyn Wilkes Unaffiliated

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