Summary : 20/20 Max Entries
Summary : 20/20 Max Entries
Summary : 40/40 Max Entries
Summary : 37/40 Max Entries
Summary : 39/40 Max Entries
Summary : 7/20 Max Entries
Summary : 20/20 Max Entries
Summary : 40/40 Max Entries
Summary : 40/40 Max Entries
Summary : 27/40 Max Entries

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Competitor Name Club
Brayden Batcheller Unaffiliated
Alex Brandon Unaffiliated
Owen DeJohn Unaffiliated
Connor Desrosiers Unaffiliated
Lucas Dotson Unaffiliated
Colin Duffy Unaffiliated
Noah Graber Unaffiliated
Carter Hastings Unaffiliated
Jacob Kelleghan Unaffiliated
Kristopher Klingeman Unaffiliated
Andrey Lototskiy Unaffiliated
Eshan Oswald Unaffiliated
harley parsons Unaffiliated
Samuel Peccoud Unaffiliated
Owen Pyle Unaffiliated
Trace Rindal Unaffiliated
John Servold Unaffiliated
Ronan Tolin Unaffiliated
Alex Williams Unaffiliated
Caleb Winters Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Dawson Bauer Unaffiliated
Roman Beaber Unaffiliated
Max Caplan Unaffiliated
Jace Cherry Unaffiliated
Quinn Davie Unaffiliated
Jack Felix Unaffiliated
Reid Hampton Unaffiliated
Devon Harris Unaffiliated
Parker Harrison Unaffiliated
Hayden Hull Unaffiliated
Kaden Johnson Unaffiliated
Dmitriy Kazantsev Unaffiliated
Kyle Kim Unaffiliated
Quinn Kimmett Unaffiliated
Vincent Pellegrino Unaffiliated
Taman Saaks Unaffiliated
Nathan Sato Unaffiliated
Leif Sundem Unaffiliated
Bode Utberg Unaffiliated
Andrei Yermakov Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Bryce Alackness Unaffiliated
Leo Carston Unaffiliated
Adrian Chavez Unaffiliated
Thomas Cole Unaffiliated
Aidan Dodge Unaffiliated
Malachi Donahoe Unaffiliated
Liam Gamache Unaffiliated
Luke Gilchrist Unaffiliated
Arbor Gillespie Unaffiliated
Ryan Grube Unaffiliated
Liam Hancock Unaffiliated
Aiden Harris Unaffiliated
Samuel Hinerfeld Unaffiliated
Caleb Hottovy Unaffiliated
Ari Huh Unaffiliated
William Kee Unaffiliated
Cooper Kleinschmidt Unaffiliated
Brandon Kohla Unaffiliated
Miles Marcuson Unaffiliated
Jaiden Messina Unaffiliated
Calvin Meymaris Unaffiliated
Theo Neuman Unaffiliated
Devon Nieman Unaffiliated
Joaquin Oliva Unaffiliated
Elian Oliva Unaffiliated
Kane Ouellette Unaffiliated
Korbett Protzko Unaffiliated
John Saltarelli Unaffiliated
Maximilian Shay Unaffiliated
Jack Shipley Unaffiliated
Caden Shrewsbury Unaffiliated
Dylan Soule Unaffiliated
Easton Talbott Unaffiliated
Andrew Templeton Unaffiliated
Parker VanAlstyne Unaffiliated
James Veigel Unaffiliated
Zane Wagner Unaffiliated
Cole Walsh Unaffiliated
Cooper Zamora Unaffiliated
Linder Ziemba Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Nikolas Arro Unaffiliated
Colin Ashford Unaffiliated
Jack Barbu Unaffiliated
Jackson Batten Unaffiliated
Henry Chavez Unaffiliated
Reily Delorey Unaffiliated
Logan Duffy Unaffiliated
Luca Fazendin Unaffiliated
Camden Fligg Unaffiliated
Owen Frey Unaffiliated
Ian Garza Unaffiliated
Grant Girdler Unaffiliated
Jack Goodyear Unaffiliated
Jasper Gordon Unaffiliated
Luke Gschwendtner Unaffiliated
Beckett Hsin Unaffiliated
Gregory Jones Unaffiliated
Avi Kaplan Unaffiliated
Jackson Karasow Unaffiliated
Alex Krugman Unaffiliated
Will Kurtenbach Unaffiliated
Breck Leeper Unaffiliated
Evan Leliaert Unaffiliated
Fred Lindner Unaffiliated
Samuel Lindquist Unaffiliated
Grant McCuen Unaffiliated
Loudon Munroe Unaffiliated
Tolan Nyberg Unaffiliated
Aaron Scoville Unaffiliated
Timo Seibrecht Unaffiliated
Percy Sheppard Unaffiliated
Sylas Sprague Unaffiliated
Declan Wang-McCahan Unaffiliated
Jack Webster Unaffiliated
noa Weibring Unaffiliated
Cooper Wilmot Unaffiliated
Shaw Zimmerman Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Jesco Anderson Unaffiliated
Gurshaan Bajwa Unaffiliated
Axel Byrn Unaffiliated
Fitz Caldwell Unaffiliated
Brooks Chamberlain Unaffiliated
Connor Chatterton Unaffiliated
Lewis Chavez Unaffiliated
Milo Craft Unaffiliated
Milo Delcourt Unaffiliated
Graham Elkins Unaffiliated
Declan Ferrone Unaffiliated
Jordan Fong Unaffiliated
Rhys Golom Unaffiliated
Reed Gschwendtner Unaffiliated
Harvey Haycock Unaffiliated
Judah Henderson Unaffiliated
Jaden Henry Unaffiliated
Rhys Hetzel Unaffiliated
Asher Hsin Unaffiliated
Nathan Johnson Unaffiliated
Ryder Kunkel Unaffiliated
Aiden Lee Unaffiliated
Kieran Leonard Unaffiliated
Wylie Mackey-Casson Unaffiliated
Khalil Manteuffel Unaffiliated
Julian Neubert Unaffiliated
Winthrop Oberg Unaffiliated
Nicholas Riadi Unaffiliated
Alexander Riadi Unaffiliated
Tyler Rosenzweig Unaffiliated
Leo Sandler Unaffiliated
Charles Schild Unaffiliated
Samuel Schmidt Unaffiliated
Colter Smailes Unaffiliated
Anthony Thurnauer Unaffiliated
Christopher Usher Unaffiliated
Kieran Wang-McCahan Unaffiliated
Bayes Wilder Unaffiliated
Isaac Zviagintsev Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Jocelyn Bennett Unaffiliated
Taryn Chase Unaffiliated
Adriene Akiko Clark Unaffiliated
Ilana Diddams Unaffiliated
Lydia Dolan Unaffiliated
natalie sager Unaffiliated
Campbell Sarinopoulos Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Nora Bruxvoort Unaffiliated
Clara Denham Unaffiliated
Abigail Domeracki Unaffiliated
Leslie Gasser Unaffiliated
Emi Gerwing Unaffiliated
Sasha Grieshaber Unaffiliated
Lillyan Higgs Unaffiliated
Amanda Kohla Unaffiliated
Klara Meymaris Unaffiliated
Sophie Norse Unaffiliated
Sarah Ogilvie Unaffiliated
Eleanor Ross Unaffiliated
Norah Small Unaffiliated
Emelie Sprague Unaffiliated
Saskia Stites Unaffiliated
Lillian Templeton Unaffiliated
Payton Uhrich Unaffiliated
Anna Von Dungen Unaffiliated
Shirley Weaver Unaffiliated
Eve Weksler Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Fish Akhtar Unaffiliated
Olivia Barron Unaffiliated
Aydan Bruns Unaffiliated
Avery Bugbee Unaffiliated
Samantha Burtt Unaffiliated
Tessa Clark Unaffiliated
Amber Contreras Unaffiliated
Rosario Cornell Unaffiliated
Haley Crain Unaffiliated
Quinn Derby Unaffiliated
Chloe Dodd Unaffiliated
Katalina Dunlap Herreria Unaffiliated
Eliza Eichelberger Unaffiliated
Ava Field Unaffiliated
Juliana Garcia-Seyffert Unaffiliated
Samantha Herring Unaffiliated
Karson Hilgert Unaffiliated
Alexandra Inghilterra Unaffiliated
Ashley Koontz Unaffiliated
Lilah Kottke Unaffiliated
Rosella Krier Unaffiliated
Sophie Kurzel Unaffiliated
Claire Larson Unaffiliated
Greta Lillstrom Unaffiliated
Jocelyn Limbaugh Unaffiliated
Audrey Lindquist Unaffiliated
Madeline Miles Unaffiliated
Lila Mosberger Unaffiliated
Laura Noyes Unaffiliated
Ella Pierce Unaffiliated
Kestrel Pikiewicz Unaffiliated
Katya Roudakov Unaffiliated
Surya Russo Unaffiliated
Hannah Schaefle-Cates Unaffiliated
Natalya Schafer Unaffiliated
Ilana Steele Unaffiliated
Gemma Stites Unaffiliated
Ava Walsh Unaffiliated
Miller Wood Unaffiliated
Anabelle Wyatt Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Mckenna Alackness Unaffiliated
Ella Andersen Unaffiliated
Paloma Atkins Unaffiliated
Morgan Belcher Unaffiliated
Amelia Bird Unaffiliated
Cassidy Brown Unaffiliated
Kathryn Buol Unaffiliated
Hannah Chiaravalle Unaffiliated
Giovanna Chickillo Unaffiliated
Stella Cooper Unaffiliated
Lauren Courtelis Unaffiliated
Shelby Fritz Unaffiliated
Violet Groenendaal Unaffiliated
Marin Hayes Unaffiliated
Hattie Hermsen Unaffiliated
Liesl Hetzel Unaffiliated
Emilia Higgs Unaffiliated
Daisy Jacobson Unaffiliated
Matea Karson Unaffiliated
Ada Kimmel Unaffiliated
Skylar Kirsten Unaffiliated
Rece Klingsmith Unaffiliated
Ravel LaBerge Unaffiliated
Matilda Lee Unaffiliated
Zoe Lennartz Unaffiliated
Lucy Mercado Unaffiliated
Joanie Michel Unaffiliated
Riley Newcomer Unaffiliated
Elena Pfitzer Unaffiliated
Charley Planegger Unaffiliated
Verity Rech Unaffiliated
Addison Reed Unaffiliated
Clara Roland Unaffiliated
Sofia Salazar Unaffiliated
Mackenzie Sargent Unaffiliated
Isadora Schneider Unaffiliated
Maya Silverman Unaffiliated
Heidi Stauffer Unaffiliated
Deva Tobias Unaffiliated
Isabel Whittaker Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Marlee Batten Unaffiliated
Brooklyn Boyd Unaffiliated
Amayah Burgos Unaffiliated
Bella Byrn Unaffiliated
Emerson Chamberlain Unaffiliated
Madeline Greenberg Unaffiliated
Evah Gunn-Roller Unaffiliated
Cordelia Helbach Unaffiliated
Heidi Hetzel Unaffiliated
Maren Huss Unaffiliated
Evelyn Knapp Unaffiliated
Marlowe LeMaire Unaffiliated
Lilah Martinson Unaffiliated
Adair Munroe Unaffiliated
Evelyn Munson Unaffiliated
Rose Murdock Unaffiliated
Ella Music Unaffiliated
Ana Nelson Unaffiliated
Magnolia Ross Unaffiliated
Oona Schnatwinkel Unaffiliated
Addison Sturman Unaffiliated
Greta Thiem Unaffiliated
Alexia Trujillo Unaffiliated
Lily Twiggs Unaffiliated
Kate Weatherley Unaffiliated
Lily Weinberger Unaffiliated
Isla Willett Unaffiliated

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