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Competitor Name Club
Daniel Bonkowsky Unaffiliated
Caden Brooks Unaffiliated
Connor Darragh Unaffiliated
Liam Decker Unaffiliated
Jackson Delgrosso Unaffiliated
Jack Dennis Unaffiliated
Jon Dodds Unaffiliated
marcel duran Unaffiliated
Maseo Fiorello Unaffiliated
Isaac Hirschi Unaffiliated
Owen Hirschi Unaffiliated
Aaron Jay Unaffiliated
Sammy Jensen Unaffiliated
Max Link Unaffiliated
Skyler Melchert Unaffiliated
Jack Nelson Unaffiliated
Gavin O'Brien Unaffiliated
Austin Roach Unaffiliated
Zachary Sanderlin Unaffiliated
Kieron Waibel Unaffiliated
Jack Wall Unaffiliated
Henry Williamson Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Wesley Bates Unaffiliated
Kienan Boyer Unaffiliated
Logan Chapman Unaffiliated
Per-Krister Danfors Unaffiliated
Chase Davis Unaffiliated
Jack Decker Unaffiliated
Martin Ellison-Denney Unaffiliated
Caleb Knox Unaffiliated
Ian Link Unaffiliated
Dean Louviere Unaffiliated
Theo Makanoa Unaffiliated
Alexander Taylor Unaffiliated
Alexander Watt Unaffiliated
Luke Zandee Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Ezra Chambers Unaffiliated
Kai Ching Chen Unaffiliated
Owen Gerber Unaffiliated
Mason Holman Unaffiliated
Abraham Lewis Unaffiliated
Wolfgang Lowe Unaffiliated
James Moore Unaffiliated
Spencer Peterson Unaffiliated
Jacob Tibboel Unaffiliated
Sam Wright Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Conner Bailey Unaffiliated
Max Buccambuso Unaffiliated
Marek Gaydosh Unaffiliated
Cyril Kraft Unaffiliated
Aidan Spence Unaffiliated
Sutton Spooner Unaffiliated
Al Wright Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Fischer Bowcutt Unaffiliated
Logan Staples Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Arianne Fels Unaffiliated
lily saperston Unaffiliated
Alexa Schehrer Unaffiliated
Maizy Sigg Unaffiliated
Dani Titus Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Carly Alba Unaffiliated
Zoe Barlow Unaffiliated
Ava Baskin Unaffiliated
Madison Bozung Unaffiliated
Abby Brooks Unaffiliated
Gwendolyn Buehner Unaffiliated
Madilyn Carpenter Unaffiliated
Lauren Chapman Unaffiliated
Samira Eller Unaffiliated
Polymnia Hanfland-Parenti Unaffiliated
Thalia Hanfland-Parenti Unaffiliated
Skylar Heflin Unaffiliated
Verene Huang Unaffiliated
Emily Jones Unaffiliated
Anna Kelley Unaffiliated
Zoe Olson Unaffiliated
Adalayde Scott Unaffiliated
Mia Sibthorp Unaffiliated
Kate Stowers Unaffiliated
Ella Timbers Unaffiliated
Boston Warren Unaffiliated
Kaja Wilcox Unaffiliated
Simone Winger Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Zoe Appel Unaffiliated
Lydia Bennett Unaffiliated
Lena Buccambuso Unaffiliated
Naomi Clysdale Unaffiliated
Logan Knox Unaffiliated
Kiera magiske Unaffiliated
Brie Spaulding Unaffiliated
London Warren Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Lucy Bonkowsky Unaffiliated
Addison Christiansen Unaffiliated
Mara Lowe Unaffiliated
Lana Lower Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Zoe Castiglia Unaffiliated
Sierra Heflin Unaffiliated
Ellia Wood Unaffiliated

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