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Competitor Name Club
Gavin Albright Unaffiliated
Ryan Bernauer Unaffiliated
Charlie Burzynski Unaffiliated
Timothy Calnon Unaffiliated
Lincoln Claussen Unaffiliated
Derek Eleeson Unaffiliated
Sam krajewski Unaffiliated
Micah Liss Unaffiliated
Theo Mazza Unaffiliated
Luc Meuzelaar Unaffiliated
Ryan Michaud Unaffiliated
Noah Mook Unaffiliated
Gavin Olig Unaffiliated
Ansel Pierson Unaffiliated
Albert Portnoy Unaffiliated
Nico Schembri Unaffiliated
Jacob Schlussel Unaffiliated
Isaiah Schmitz Unaffiliated
Connor Schwarz Unaffiliated
John Suddes Unaffiliated
Tim Vendel Unaffiliated
Noah Winkel Unaffiliated
Zachary Wrightsman Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Andrew Barthel Unaffiliated
Erik Cmiel Unaffiliated
Richard Faucher Unaffiliated
Micah Feller Unaffiliated
Joseph Flynn Unaffiliated
Samuel Helgerson Unaffiliated
Cody Holcomb Unaffiliated
Luke Hower Unaffiliated
Ethan Hughes Unaffiliated
Ajaya King Unaffiliated
Jason Koops Unaffiliated
Max Liss Unaffiliated
AJ Mollenhauer Unaffiliated
Aiden Olig Unaffiliated
Jackson Olson Unaffiliated
Spencer Paul Unaffiliated
Nathan Peterson Unaffiliated
Reed Poikonen Unaffiliated
Trippeton Poppens Unaffiliated
Samuel Salinas Unaffiliated
Jackson Skelly Unaffiliated
Eli Strahilevitz Unaffiliated
Damian Szymanski Unaffiliated
Leigh Van Den Handel Unaffiliated
Kai Werlinsky Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Gabriel Abaca Unaffiliated
Ian Anderson Unaffiliated
Gavin Capodice Unaffiliated
Christian Chan Unaffiliated
Avery Drees Unaffiliated
Hudson DRUTCHAS Unaffiliated
Mason Dziekanowski Unaffiliated
Griffin Edwards Unaffiliated
Anderson Fuhrer Unaffiliated
Boden Haber Unaffiliated
Sean Hack Unaffiliated
Lotem Harnik Unaffiliated
Massimo Heathcote Unaffiliated
Diego Hermosilla Unaffiliated
Sean Hipelius Unaffiliated
Nikolai Holland Unaffiliated
Michael Ionescu Unaffiliated
Ethan Kohl Unaffiliated
Lee Koops Unaffiliated
Ryan Koops Unaffiliated
Marcus Lau Unaffiliated
Samuel Liebert Unaffiliated
William Lucht Unaffiliated
Aiden McFadden Unaffiliated
Elijah Mikkalson Unaffiliated
Berrick Miller Unaffiliated
Henry Mongerson Unaffiliated
Isaac Olver Unaffiliated
Colton Pascavage Unaffiliated
George Ping Unaffiliated
Charlie Roche Unaffiliated
Tyler Schmitt Unaffiliated
Darrell Setyadi Unaffiliated
Aiden Stroyan Unaffiliated
jonah truong Unaffiliated
Oscar Wolniak Unaffiliated
Alexander Zhu Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Jaisal Bacastow Unaffiliated
austin bock Unaffiliated
Isaac Braatz Unaffiliated
Benjamin Burseth Unaffiliated
Mateo Chevrier Unaffiliated
Wyatt Crossan Unaffiliated
Benaiah Debbink Unaffiliated
Anthony De Jesus Unaffiliated
Jack Faye Unaffiliated
Sawyer Faye Unaffiliated
George Fetter Unaffiliated
Terry Flynn Unaffiliated
Elias Grigalunas Unaffiliated
Elio Gutierrez Unaffiliated
Kirill Kalinskiy Unaffiliated
Rylan Kehl Unaffiliated
Yuri Kharitonsky Unaffiliated
Logan Krajnik Unaffiliated
Aiden Krajnik Unaffiliated
Otto Linnenbringer Unaffiliated
Miles Majerczyk Unaffiliated
Rian Olson Unaffiliated
Owen pham Unaffiliated
ETHAN PHAM Unaffiliated
Soren Sujdak Unaffiliated
Hart Tarleton Unaffiliated
Jianli Windorski Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Arthur Boyer Unaffiliated
Miles Brunson Unaffiliated
Seth Cecala Unaffiliated
Aidan Downing Unaffiliated
Jonah Evron Agassi Unaffiliated
Eames Herwig Unaffiliated
Nohan Kahouadji Unaffiliated
Gibby Krautbauer Unaffiliated
Josiah Liebert Unaffiliated
Evjen Lindberg Unaffiliated
Isak Lindberg Unaffiliated
Arjun Patel Unaffiliated
Shailen Patel Unaffiliated
Ryan pham Unaffiliated
Orson Savera Unaffiliated
Isaiah Sze Unaffiliated
Avery Tan Unaffiliated
Jaxson Thornton Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Cecelia Dobbertin Unaffiliated
Margot Hoersch Unaffiliated
Lara Jacobsen Unaffiliated
Ursula Johlie Unaffiliated
Madeleine Johnson Unaffiliated
Jordan Kim Unaffiliated
Talia Lasko Unaffiliated
Madelynn Mikkalson Unaffiliated
Jordan Rabinowitz Unaffiliated
Ann Slivken Unaffiliated
Daisy Thralow Unaffiliated
rosie truitt Unaffiliated
Sophie Volchenboum Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Shaelyn Barker Unaffiliated
Katya Brockmann Unaffiliated
Jane Brunson Unaffiliated
Meghan Callahan Unaffiliated
Lily Cozine Unaffiliated
Brynne Dixson-Kruijf Unaffiliated
Floria Elliott Unaffiliated
Alison George Unaffiliated
Isabel Gliniecki Unaffiliated
Nora Graeve Unaffiliated
Hannah Guerra Unaffiliated
Sonia Gutierrez Unaffiliated
Jane Higgins Unaffiliated
Katie Kolz Unaffiliated
Sarah Kramer Unaffiliated
Nina Landt Unaffiliated
Nora McAndrews Unaffiliated
Sarah Murphy Unaffiliated
Neela Myers Unaffiliated
Lucy Nandor Unaffiliated
Esmee Newton Unaffiliated
Catalina Philips-Li Unaffiliated
Flannery Pierson Unaffiliated
Elm Stoelinga Unaffiliated
Ginger Thralow Unaffiliated
Erin Utley Unaffiliated
Fiona Walker Unaffiliated
Sofia Whipple Unaffiliated
Zoe Wiemeyer Unaffiliated
Sarah Wood Unaffiliated
Aurora Zeis Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Sydney Bock Unaffiliated
Vera Brindley Unaffiliated
Mary Brunson Unaffiliated
Claire Caliento Unaffiliated
Caroline Carr Unaffiliated
Cecilia Centgraf Unaffiliated
Alexandria Crossan Unaffiliated
Gianna Dalton Unaffiliated
Carly Ermitage Unaffiliated
Aili Estela Unaffiliated
Sydney Fox Unaffiliated
Jasper Haskins Unaffiliated
Edie Herwig Unaffiliated
Ayla Kaynor Unaffiliated
Meka Leach Unaffiliated
Claire Lokken Unaffiliated
Abigail Olson Unaffiliated
Shel Pierson Unaffiliated
Jamison Reinders Unaffiliated
Kya Somers Unaffiliated
Alisha Tschetter Unaffiliated
Jocelyn Venit Unaffiliated
Bella Wiltsie Unaffiliated
Luna Wollach Brewer Unaffiliated
Lily Zacharias Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Miriam Adams Unaffiliated
Ellie Agnew Unaffiliated
Eloise Aydelott Unaffiliated
Alienor Boyer Unaffiliated
Bridget Centgraf Unaffiliated
Sadie Copans Unaffiliated
Freya Cusick Unaffiliated
Macy Ermitage Unaffiliated
Georgia Gell Unaffiliated
Ava Goldstein Unaffiliated
Noga Harnik Unaffiliated
Evelyn Haxer Unaffiliated
Elliot Hughes Unaffiliated
Elena Johnson Unaffiliated
Joslyn Kaynor Unaffiliated
Kailyn Klein Unaffiliated
ELLISON KNAPP Unaffiliated
Charlotte Kolpak Unaffiliated
Mabel Kovars Unaffiliated
Nai'a Krause Unaffiliated
Bridget Lohse Unaffiliated
Lily McGillivray Unaffiliated
lauren mcintosh Unaffiliated
Miri Miller Unaffiliated
Claire Moon Unaffiliated
Brynn Noe Unaffiliated
Giulia Quigley Unaffiliated
Clarke Ralston Unaffiliated
Sophia Sarmiento Unaffiliated
Sofia Scicero Unaffiliated
Grace Wajek Unaffiliated
Harper Weisbrod Unaffiliated
Sydney Welbourne Unaffiliated
Meili Windorski Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Lu Axtell Unaffiliated
Clotilde Boyer Unaffiliated
Kara Bricker Unaffiliated
Malina Chandler Unaffiliated
Katherine Choi Unaffiliated
Gia Ermitage Unaffiliated
Hailey Eun Unaffiliated
Nina Grgurovic Unaffiliated
Frankie Guzman Unaffiliated
Eleanor Haxer Unaffiliated
Elizabeth Ho Unaffiliated
Alice Hudson Unaffiliated
Thea Jones Unaffiliated
Violet Konkol Unaffiliated
Greta Linnenbringer Unaffiliated
Gemma McCoy Unaffiliated
Coralyn Reid Unaffiliated
Charlotte Schoenthal Unaffiliated
Lucy Sliva Unaffiliated
Lea Sou Unaffiliated
Lola truong Unaffiliated
Vivian Wehland Unaffiliated

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