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Competitor Name Club
Ahad Ather Unaffiliated
Decker Burke Unaffiliated
Noah Chabot Unaffiliated
Leo Costanza Unaffiliated
Austin Elliott Unaffiliated
Nathan Francis Unaffiliated
Malcolm Hendricks Unaffiliated
Ethan Lotrario Unaffiliated
Noah Montgomery Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Ethan Anderson Unaffiliated
Ethan Baron Unaffiliated
Aiden Donavan Unaffiliated
Vail Everett Unaffiliated
Gabe Flann Unaffiliated
Josh Leader Unaffiliated
Theo Murray Unaffiliated
Silas Schwanger Unaffiliated
Everett Skubinna Unaffiliated
Dominic Worden Unaffiliated
Isaiah Young-Brown Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Zander Darrington Unaffiliated
Zidane Duong Unaffiliated
Gabriel Gilbert Unaffiliated
Parker Hambelton Unaffiliated
Nick Jackson Unaffiliated
Nick Johnson Unaffiliated
Quinten Koch Unaffiliated
Leon Lawrence Unaffiliated
Ben Reeves Unaffiliated
Malte E. Simonsen Unaffiliated
Kellan Sorensen Unaffiliated
townes thornton Unaffiliated
Riggin Turner Unaffiliated
connor wilson Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
John Boehl Unaffiliated
Hudson Flatness Unaffiliated
Elijah Gilbert Unaffiliated
Ian Hendrickson Unaffiliated
Kian Korfiatis Unaffiliated
Thorne Morton Unaffiliated
Shane Moser Unaffiliated
Samuel Rowe Unaffiliated
Yair Tenenbaum Unaffiliated
Leo Wray Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Wendell Bacon Unaffiliated
Ilay Brailovskiy Unaffiliated
Eddie Crissman Unaffiliated
James Dhillon Unaffiliated
Smith Isakson Unaffiliated
Mikah korfiatis Unaffiliated
Landon Lewis Unaffiliated
Anton Riabinin Unaffiliated
Isaac Rosewell Unaffiliated
Luke Rowe Unaffiliated
werner thornton Unaffiliated
Carson Tree Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Edith Chamberlain Unaffiliated
Ivy Pete Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Ada Bonnett Unaffiliated
Malia Brainard Unaffiliated
Kaela Cameron Unaffiliated
Olive Clark Unaffiliated
Aviana Cox Unaffiliated
Annika Jacobson Unaffiliated
Iris Kaufman Unaffiliated
Alia Kenoyer Unaffiliated
Meera Krishnan Unaffiliated
Alison Merz Unaffiliated
Riley Nelson Unaffiliated
Sydney Swenson Unaffiliated
Zoe Sylvester Unaffiliated
Claire Trammell Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Suzannah Bacon Unaffiliated
Lucy Bell Unaffiliated
Isobel Chi Unaffiliated
Isabella Close Unaffiliated
Madilynn Corey Unaffiliated
Hailey Damerow Unaffiliated
Amelie Everett Unaffiliated
Ruby Koski Unaffiliated
Ireland Kress Unaffiliated
Naomi Lahaie Unaffiliated
Aiden Lynch Unaffiliated
Gillian Lyon Unaffiliated
Ruth Marsano Unaffiliated
Abby McFarlane Unaffiliated
Anna Marie McNally Unaffiliated
Katie Mingus Unaffiliated
Elissa Standley Unaffiliated
Sofia Teodoro Unaffiliated
Andrea West Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Delaney Adlard Unaffiliated
Maha Ather Unaffiliated
Avery Chighizola Unaffiliated
Lucy Crissman Unaffiliated
Eva Dasen Unaffiliated
Coral Dunn Unaffiliated
Bella Everett Unaffiliated
Adelaide Johnson Unaffiliated
Lila Kelanic Unaffiliated
Noy Keren Unaffiliated
Madeline Kizner Unaffiliated
Naomi Koberstein Unaffiliated
Logan Lynch Unaffiliated
Lucy Mingus Unaffiliated
Ali Schneringer Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Cameron Blankenburg Unaffiliated
Laine Cox Unaffiliated
Ezra Dasen Unaffiliated
Mia Dhillon Unaffiliated
Sierra Guyette Unaffiliated
Silver Kress Unaffiliated
Delia McCorkindale Unaffiliated
lara scarafiotti Unaffiliated
Vivienne Whitefield Unaffiliated
Victory Yamada Unaffiliated

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