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Competitor Name Club
Benjamin Cohan-Schiff Unaffiliated
Zachary Crawford Unaffiliated
Jonah Gallagher Unaffiliated
Bell HaBa Unaffiliated
Linus Hansen Unaffiliated
Christopher Lin Unaffiliated
Nathan Margetts Unaffiliated
Cooper Miller Unaffiliated
Christopher Morley Unaffiliated
Nicholas Parlamis Unaffiliated
milo timberlake Unaffiliated
Luke Tufts Unaffiliated
Andrew Warzecha Unaffiliated
Dawson Waterman Unaffiliated
Carlo Woolsey Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Shem Abramovitz Unaffiliated
Mateo Bekemeier Unaffiliated
Kepler Boyce Unaffiliated
Calvin Cha Unaffiliated
Daniel Chen Unaffiliated
Luke Deutschbauer Unaffiliated
Noah Eilert Unaffiliated
Justin Feldstein Unaffiliated
Jon Gleixner Unaffiliated
Ryan Gould Unaffiliated
Tane Hansen Unaffiliated
Leopold Hong Johnson Unaffiliated
Brayden Kamler Unaffiliated
Kaden Kang Unaffiliated
Tobias Kirchner Unaffiliated
Nathaniel Madamba Unaffiliated
Bryce Merrill Unaffiliated
Zach Morley Unaffiliated
Oliver Mulvihill Unaffiliated
Oliver Nickelsen Unaffiliated
Mateo Noble Unaffiliated
Darsh N Patel Unaffiliated
James Pereira Unaffiliated
Eli Povolny Unaffiliated
Nicolas Quijano Unaffiliated
Joshua Rountree Unaffiliated
Sohum Saxena Unaffiliated
Abram Shackleford Unaffiliated
Tobias Stevenson Unaffiliated
Luke Swanson Unaffiliated
Arvin Tafreshi Unaffiliated
Xander Turtle Unaffiliated
Isaac Wax Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Riley Alfonso Unaffiliated
Tilo Allexandre Unaffiliated
Nicholas Anders Unaffiliated
Matthew Auyeung Unaffiliated
Jules Bachrach Unaffiliated
Joaquin Bekemeier Unaffiliated
Hazen Burtt Unaffiliated
Hugo de Leon Unaffiliated
Lukas Fitzsimmons Unaffiliated
Clement Ghelfi Unaffiliated
Cooper Goodwin Unaffiliated
Austin gracey Unaffiliated
Adrian Hall Unaffiliated
Liam Hamilton Unaffiliated
Jacob Haussler Unaffiliated
Keller Heron Unaffiliated
Kouya Hinoki Unaffiliated
Calder Kobs Unaffiliated
Max Mardesich Unaffiliated
Judah Mast Unaffiliated
Nathan McEntee Unaffiliated
Yosha Melman Unaffiliated
Max Naone Unaffiliated
Tavio Noble Unaffiliated
Aahan Pydimukkala Unaffiliated
Santiago Robert Unaffiliated
Sachin Rozycki-Shah Unaffiliated
Jonathan Salinas Unaffiliated
Joshua Schermann Unaffiliated
Preston Weninger Unaffiliated
John Williamson Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Zane Ahmed Unaffiliated
Samuel Chen Unaffiliated
Daniel Chou Unaffiliated
Amias Collins Unaffiliated
Grigorii Demidov Unaffiliated
Eli Eilert Unaffiliated
Theodore Hall Unaffiliated
Gabriel Kang Unaffiliated
Lucas Lee Unaffiliated
Alexander Liu Unaffiliated
Pasha Meydbray Unaffiliated
Arief Nagara Unaffiliated
Carson Prudhel Unaffiliated
Alexander Ruan Unaffiliated
Theodor Schermann Unaffiliated
Jaden Villamar Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Alexander Bailey Unaffiliated
Roman Condra Unaffiliated
Matteo Di Francesco Unaffiliated
Bijeet Dsilva Unaffiliated
Ayaan Faisal Unaffiliated
Gage Gracey Unaffiliated
Graham Haussler Unaffiliated
Andrew Liu Unaffiliated
Eric Tang Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Eva Abert Unaffiliated
Jessica Emerson Unaffiliated
Aishi Goel Unaffiliated
Shannen Hansen Unaffiliated
Emma Joing Unaffiliated
Alexandra Merrem Unaffiliated
Alice Nolan Unaffiliated
Sierra Race Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Audrey Abrams Unaffiliated
Paige Biagi Unaffiliated
Lea Bourges-Sevenier Unaffiliated
Caroline Branch Unaffiliated
Emily Cromwell Unaffiliated
Roxie Erpenbeck Unaffiliated
Debra Garcia Unaffiliated
Nina Jackson Unaffiliated
Siddhi jain Unaffiliated
Cassie Kapral Unaffiliated
Kali Kini-Davis Unaffiliated
Vicky Li Unaffiliated
Alizée Marquardt Unaffiliated
Seneca Naone Unaffiliated
Raina Nelson Unaffiliated
Kelly Ng Unaffiliated
Rosa Paten Unaffiliated
Sophia Philpott Levi Unaffiliated
Riley Ramseier Unaffiliated
Claudia Ryckebusch Unaffiliated
Leilani Salowe Unaffiliated
Bryce Sanderson Unaffiliated
Sophia Saniatan Unaffiliated
Maryjane Shaskan Unaffiliated
Ella Solecki Unaffiliated
Katrina Wallacher Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Annie Abramovitz Unaffiliated
Danica Avery Unaffiliated
Annika Bates Unaffiliated
Lova Bockert Unaffiliated
Fio Casarosa Unaffiliated
Maya Dao Unaffiliated
Kaia Jeong Engle Unaffiliated
Everly Falke Unaffiliated
Jaelyn Forgey Unaffiliated
Sienna Gomez Unaffiliated
Peyton Higa Unaffiliated
Sophie Jasik Unaffiliated
Esme Louise Kirchner Unaffiliated
Simran Kong-Kapur Unaffiliated
Lily Lawrence Unaffiliated
Charlotte Lecorps Unaffiliated
Katie Leung Unaffiliated
Addison Margetts Unaffiliated
Sophia Mitchell Unaffiliated
Anna Mohr-Zinn Unaffiliated
Noemie Nguyen Unaffiliated
Kara Odom Unaffiliated
Clara Piovesan Unaffiliated
Maren Plumb Unaffiliated
Ruby Raffo-Day Unaffiliated
Zahra Roux Jacobo Unaffiliated
Sadie Schultz Unaffiliated
Amy Snyman Unaffiliated
Stella Tran Unaffiliated
Marguerite Vachon Unaffiliated
Analise van Hoang Unaffiliated
Madelynn Whitely Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Rae Barker Unaffiliated
Claire Chalmers Unaffiliated
Mia Chklovski Unaffiliated
Olivia Chou Unaffiliated
Athena Condra Unaffiliated
Anna Dranitzke Unaffiliated
Hailey Gaedtke Unaffiliated
Sadie Hartman Unaffiliated
Katie Hong Unaffiliated
Sofia Johari Unaffiliated
Jordan Kehat Unaffiliated
Bailey Lake-Short Unaffiliated
Ayla Lee Unaffiliated
Iris Prodes-Donovan Unaffiliated
Tabitha Silvern Unaffiliated
Ila Tafreshi Unaffiliated
Evelyne Vachon Unaffiliated
Mei Watanabe Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Kiyari Anders Unaffiliated
Carmen Chklovski Unaffiliated
Isabelle Lecorps Unaffiliated
Molli Mayer Unaffiliated
Olive Offenbacher Unaffiliated
Dhwani Pydimukkala Unaffiliated
Sierra Russell-Clarke Unaffiliated
Frederika Skrobotova Unaffiliated
Madeleine Van Hoang Unaffiliated
Pele Warren Unaffiliated

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