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Competitor Name Club
Sark Asadourian Unaffiliated
Matteo Carbini Unaffiliated
Spencer Chinery Unaffiliated
Nathan Keown Unaffiliated
Lochlain Martin Unaffiliated
Andrew McClung Unaffiliated
Noah Moon Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Isaac Bagby Unaffiliated
Declan Bivens Unaffiliated
Caden Bohannon Unaffiliated
Jacob Breed Unaffiliated
Isaiah Goheen Unaffiliated
Grady Hale Unaffiliated
Henry Rhyne Unaffiliated
Alex Thuringer Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Wyatt Beasley Unaffiliated
Ben Boehm Unaffiliated
Jim Bradshaw Unaffiliated
Henry Carter Unaffiliated
Xander Cernak Unaffiliated
Brody Foster Unaffiliated
Asaiah Hejny Unaffiliated
Hugo Hoyer Unaffiliated
Lev Humphries Unaffiliated
Noah Manning Unaffiliated
Miles Moates Unaffiliated
Kaleb Perry Unaffiliated
Austin Smith Unaffiliated
Tasio Thompson Unaffiliated
Arthur Williams Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Mason Baker Unaffiliated
Everett Clark-Heinrich Unaffiliated
Nathan Manning Unaffiliated
Vance Neuser Unaffiliated
Jude Odegard Unaffiliated
Dominic Opie Unaffiliated
Ezra Spitaletto Unaffiliated
Will von Gremp Unaffiliated
Caleb Watson Unaffiliated
Luke Wilkinson Unaffiliated
Ryan Wylie Unaffiliated
Logan Zhang Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Hector Alvarez Unaffiliated
Lu Carter Unaffiliated
York Kellogg Unaffiliated
Hatcher Macready Unaffiliated
Harrison McCants Unaffiliated
Micah Robinson Unaffiliated
Finn Walton Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Eleanor Bryant Unaffiliated
Natalie Guest Unaffiliated
Olivia Judd Unaffiliated
Reade Smith Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Eva Candelaria Unaffiliated
Adelaide Funk Unaffiliated
Lloyd Hosie Unaffiliated
Lily Lawrence Unaffiliated
Zoe Lebedinsky Unaffiliated
Adalyn Maxfield Unaffiliated
Mia Patel Unaffiliated
Gabrielle Rodgers Unaffiliated
Ellie Tackett Unaffiliated
Amelia Thomas Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Tatem Aagesen Unaffiliated
Maelynn Adams-Cook Unaffiliated
lawson barrueta Unaffiliated
Zoë Blanton Unaffiliated
Taylor Bray Unaffiliated
Sophia Commodore Unaffiliated
Addison Coram Unaffiliated
Emma Crane Unaffiliated
Lily Cross Unaffiliated
Fiona Eastman Unaffiliated
Charley (Laney) Fowler Unaffiliated
Kentlyn Geren Unaffiliated
Gabriella Harrison Unaffiliated
Zoë Hasan Unaffiliated
Emma Hornsby Unaffiliated
Emma Hunt Unaffiliated
Mia Lauren Igot Unaffiliated
Harper Jenkins Unaffiliated
Presley Lazarov Unaffiliated
Adalyn Miller Unaffiliated
Annabelle Redferin Unaffiliated
Tanner Sloss Unaffiliated
Ellie Spitaletto Unaffiliated
Eleanor Wood Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Katia Biegalski Unaffiliated
Miranda Jackson Unaffiliated
Elizabeth Jesse Unaffiliated
Stella Lauer Unaffiliated
Gabriella Monson-James Unaffiliated
Sophia Nohrden Unaffiliated
Chloe Nordman Unaffiliated
Willa Petmecky Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Hazel Foss Unaffiliated
Annelise Hagan Unaffiliated
Emma Hunt Unaffiliated
Zoey Klemmer Unaffiliated
Penelope Sievers Unaffiliated

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