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Competitor Name Club
Gage Chase Unaffiliated
Matthew Corbett Unaffiliated
Bryce Cunningham Unaffiliated
Nicholas Lindner Unaffiliated
Bryson McGinley Unaffiliated
Felipe Menendez Unaffiliated
Ayrton Ori Unaffiliated
Stephen Roach Unaffiliated
Ari Willig Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Spencer Banko Unaffiliated
Nikolaus Carnes Unaffiliated
Nolan Cash Unaffiliated
Nieko Cazzolla Unaffiliated
Logan Craig Unaffiliated
Christopher Craig Unaffiliated
Kian Fullon Unaffiliated
William Graser Unaffiliated
Brandon Hornback Unaffiliated
Josh Hutty Unaffiliated
Gabriel Keiter Unaffiliated
Brandon Kruse Unaffiliated
Benny Kuttler Unaffiliated
Ivy Lambe Unaffiliated
Jack McKee Unaffiliated
Gilad Melamed Unaffiliated
Damon Nasser Unaffiliated
Charlie Nelson Unaffiliated
Felipe Orrego Unaffiliated
Jack Yamaato Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Sam Barnhart Unaffiliated
Massimo Bussani Unaffiliated
Noah Christian Correa Unaffiliated
Asher Dobin Unaffiliated
George Foerster Unaffiliated
Maverick Ford Unaffiliated
Jonas Grimes Unaffiliated
Landon Harrolle Unaffiliated
Caden Hilton Unaffiliated
Elliott Jones Unaffiliated
Tristan Kaufman Unaffiliated
Brendan Kelly Unaffiliated
Jaxton Lewis Unaffiliated
Ethan Moore Unaffiliated
Jonah Murovitz Unaffiliated
Ryan Parilla Unaffiliated
Jacob Resnick Unaffiliated
G. Sebastian Selva Unaffiliated
Warren Staples Unaffiliated
Gavin Stephens Unaffiliated
Keenan Sweeney Unaffiliated
Kyle Taylor Unaffiliated
Robert Tyler Unaffiliated
Kieran Walsh Unaffiliated
Matthew Watson Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Toby Chubb Unaffiliated
Kai Cobbs Unaffiliated
Liam Hammond Unaffiliated
Benjamin Hand Unaffiliated
Tyler Honda Unaffiliated
Nathan Jackson Unaffiliated
Nathaniel Nordmann Unaffiliated
Andrew Shipp Unaffiliated
Benjamin Shipp Unaffiliated
Nolan Strine Unaffiliated
Allen Thakkar Unaffiliated
Isaac Tyler Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Kalin Apisukh Unaffiliated
Jude Batchelder Unaffiliated
Jenjoah Bear Unaffiliated
Andrew Bell Unaffiliated
Felix Hammond Unaffiliated
James Henslee Unaffiliated
Finn Jones Unaffiliated
Braden Keiter Unaffiliated
Jack Kirk Unaffiliated
Shepherd Morgan Unaffiliated
William Rueger Unaffiliated
Liam Winans Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Claire Bryant Unaffiliated
Abby Gratz Unaffiliated
Reagan Lewis Unaffiliated
Simone Monaco Unaffiliated
Savannah Nelson Unaffiliated
Rebecca Osorio Unaffiliated
Lauren Simmons Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Lily Caputi Unaffiliated
Lauren Cortright Unaffiliated
Reina Fields Unaffiliated
Ella Friedman Unaffiliated
Sara Gumier Unaffiliated
Stephanie Hagen Unaffiliated
Hailey Hilton Unaffiliated
Amelia Honabach Unaffiliated
Anne Kurt Unaffiliated
Kiera Murphy Unaffiliated
Yejun Park Unaffiliated
Caroline Santangelo Unaffiliated
Naomi Steffey Unaffiliated
Addyson Tallent Unaffiliated
Lily Young Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Talia Allex Unaffiliated
Delaney Anderson Unaffiliated
Anson Books Unaffiliated
Sophia Carnes Unaffiliated
Sydney Chirino Unaffiliated
Addison Cyrier Unaffiliated
Isabella Gray Unaffiliated
Kara Hedgespeth Unaffiliated
Elinor Kaplan Unaffiliated
Kayle Lewis Unaffiliated
Nicole Macero Unaffiliated
Rory McMahon Unaffiliated
Mya Murdocca Unaffiliated
Una Musser Unaffiliated
Lily Nguyen Unaffiliated
Christina Paschal Unaffiliated
Riley Penn Unaffiliated
Ocean Phipps Unaffiliated
Stella Slocum Unaffiliated
Cora Thakkar Unaffiliated
Cecilia Veliz Unaffiliated
Milena Wright Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Kaitlyn Alwine Unaffiliated
Emika Blum Unaffiliated
Isabella Bozek Unaffiliated
Carolina Calvo-Contreras Unaffiliated
Martha Childs Unaffiliated
Abelle Cooper Unaffiliated
Kate D’Alessandro Unaffiliated
Mackey Fowler Unaffiliated
Aubrey Hilton Unaffiliated
Kaitlyn Kelly Unaffiliated
Jillian Lett Unaffiliated
Sona Nandwana Unaffiliated
Caroline Ori Unaffiliated
Caitlyn Preston Unaffiliated
Clare Shipp Unaffiliated
SASHA Soriano Unaffiliated
Beatrix Tiplady Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Avery Abels Unaffiliated
Emmy Anderson Unaffiliated
Abigail Angell Unaffiliated
Abigail Breen Unaffiliated
Kathryn Brice Unaffiliated
Emma Carr Unaffiliated
Allison Hilton Unaffiliated
Kendall Jones Unaffiliated
Olive Lauer Unaffiliated
Ann NesSmith Unaffiliated
kylie newman Unaffiliated
Emma Pacheco Unaffiliated
Zoe Quinonez Unaffiliated
Eleanor Ross Unaffiliated
Summer Sims Unaffiliated
Maura Sowcik Unaffiliated
Claire Suarez Unaffiliated
Khloe Ueno Unaffiliated

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