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Summary : 17 Entries

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Competitor Name Club
Andrew Ceniccola Unaffiliated
Graham Clawson Unaffiliated
Thomas Eckles Unaffiliated
Anthony Esquivel Unaffiliated
Evan Fee Unaffiliated
Andrew Fitter Unaffiliated
Joshua Gil-Reynolds Unaffiliated
Kyler Gilbert Unaffiliated
Jack Goodman Unaffiliated
Christopher Grondin Unaffiliated
Seth Johnson Unaffiliated
Ben Koen Unaffiliated
Braeden Kotulak-Smith Unaffiliated
Cole Kroner Unaffiliated
Thomas Langley Unaffiliated
Sam Lauer Unaffiliated
John Malla Unaffiliated
Mason Maurer Unaffiliated
Nicholas Miller Unaffiliated
Bailey Moro Unaffiliated
Ryan Mueller Unaffiliated
Iain Ramsey Unaffiliated
DYLAN REESE Unaffiliated
Jake Sanne Unaffiliated
Loveish Sarolia Unaffiliated
Jaiden Shah Unaffiliated
Jacob Shanklin Unaffiliated
Brian Taylor Unaffiliated
Ritvik Thakur Unaffiliated
Asheton Vodila Unaffiliated
Henry Wallace Unaffiliated
Paul Yang Unaffiliated
Jacob Zippel Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Alexa Borden Unaffiliated
Katie Bridgman Unaffiliated
Anna Dittore Unaffiliated
Megan Dorsey Unaffiliated
Julia Geiger Unaffiliated
Grace Gray Unaffiliated
Vanessa Gulchuk Unaffiliated
Arabella King Unaffiliated
Caroline Laskin Unaffiliated
Olivia Little Unaffiliated
Grace Lynch Unaffiliated
Isa Makielski Unaffiliated
Gwenyth Mars Unaffiliated
Emma Oare Unaffiliated
Emily Rothrock Unaffiliated
Sydney Sloat Unaffiliated
Caitlin Taphorn Unaffiliated

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