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Competitor Name Club
Brayden Batcheller Unaffiliated
Alex Brandon Unaffiliated
Lucas Dotson Unaffiliated
Noah Graber Unaffiliated
Jacob Kelleghan Unaffiliated
Owen Marsh Unaffiliated
harley parsons Unaffiliated
Samuel Peccoud Unaffiliated
Skyler Richardson Unaffiliated
John Servold Unaffiliated
Cody Wentler Unaffiliated
Alex Williams Unaffiliated
Chase Wilson Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Jacob Bruckner Unaffiliated
Jace Cherry Unaffiliated
Reece Culliney Unaffiliated
Quinn Davie Unaffiliated
Eric Dixon Unaffiliated
Sean Fowler Unaffiliated
Reid Hampton Unaffiliated
Tareiku Hansson Unaffiliated
Parker Harrison Unaffiliated
Hayden Hull Unaffiliated
Kaden Johnson Unaffiliated
Brandon Kerr Unaffiliated
Kyle Kim Unaffiliated
Leo Langou Unaffiliated
Lucas Larsson Unaffiliated
Gavin Motes Unaffiliated
Noah Orcutt Unaffiliated
joe reichmuth Unaffiliated
Austin Reitz Unaffiliated
Elan Sturtz Unaffiliated
Leif Sundem Unaffiliated
Bode Utberg Unaffiliated
Andrei Yermakov Unaffiliated
Kendric Zwick Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Bryce Alackness Unaffiliated
Morgan Becker Unaffiliated
Ty Brandt Unaffiliated
Leo Carston Unaffiliated
Malachi Donahoe Unaffiliated
Liam Gamache Unaffiliated
Arbor Gillespie Unaffiliated
Milo Glass Unaffiliated
Liam Hancock Unaffiliated
Aiden Harris Unaffiliated
Samuel Hinerfeld Unaffiliated
Caleb Hottovy Unaffiliated
Austin Hulse Unaffiliated
Cameron Kearns Unaffiliated
Cooper Kleinschmidt Unaffiliated
Keegan Kline Oliver Unaffiliated
Finn Lillehammer Unaffiliated
Calvin Meymaris Unaffiliated
Drew Nicotra Unaffiliated
Devon Nieman Unaffiliated
Elian Oliva Unaffiliated
Joaquin Oliva Unaffiliated
Kane Ouellette Unaffiliated
Kai Parker Unaffiliated
Ethan Parker Unaffiliated
Korbett Protzko Unaffiliated
Luke Ross Unaffiliated
Jack Shipley Unaffiliated
Aaron Young Unaffiliated
Cooper Zamora Unaffiliated
Hutton Zimmerman Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Quinn Boetzelen-McIntyre Unaffiliated
Luca Fazendin Unaffiliated
Camden Fligg Unaffiliated
Ian Garza Unaffiliated
Grant Girdler Unaffiliated
Jasper Gordon Unaffiliated
Luke Gschwendtner Unaffiliated
Gregory Jones Unaffiliated
Roger Koch Unaffiliated
Will Kurtenbach Unaffiliated
Breck Leeper Unaffiliated
Luke Schmeltekopf Unaffiliated
Sylas Sprague Unaffiliated
Cohen Troge Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Jesco Anderson Unaffiliated
Milo Craft Unaffiliated
Jordan Fong Unaffiliated
Reed Gschwendtner Unaffiliated
Judah Henderson Unaffiliated
Wylie Mackey-Casson Unaffiliated
Charles Schild Unaffiliated
Samuel Schmidt Unaffiliated
Anthony Thurnauer Unaffiliated
Christopher Usher Unaffiliated
Isaac Zviagintsev Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Brooklee Baybeck Unaffiliated
Lydia Dolan Unaffiliated
Kaelyn Harris Unaffiliated
Dina KORNBLUTH Unaffiliated
Ellie Stanzel Unaffiliated
Kylie Szilagyi Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Kate Anderson Unaffiliated
Brooke Busey Unaffiliated
Cassidy Colvin Unaffiliated
Tessa Coultas Unaffiliated
Lauren Davis Unaffiliated
Clara Denham Unaffiliated
Abigail Domeracki Unaffiliated
Eliza Duster Unaffiliated
Ashlyn Emery Unaffiliated
Anika Fedor Unaffiliated
Sasha Grieshaber Unaffiliated
Cassie Kellen Unaffiliated
Reese Manley Unaffiliated
Isabella Orner Unaffiliated
Elaina Phiel Unaffiliated
Eleanor Ross Unaffiliated
Paloma Slowik Unaffiliated
Norah Small Unaffiliated
Liesel Smid Unaffiliated
Saskia Stites Unaffiliated
Payton Uhrich Unaffiliated
Helena Wang-Lohnes Unaffiliated
Shirley Weaver Unaffiliated
Camille Williams Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Olivia Barron Unaffiliated
Aydan Bruns Unaffiliated
Samantha Burtt Unaffiliated
Sara Charvat Unaffiliated
Amelia Christy Unaffiliated
Audrey Clark Unaffiliated
Amber Contreras Unaffiliated
Rosario Cornell Unaffiliated
Nora Ebel Unaffiliated
Eliza Graybill Unaffiliated
Samantha Herring Unaffiliated
Karson Hilgert Unaffiliated
London Hull Unaffiliated
Jocelyn Limbaugh Unaffiliated
Audrey Lindquist Unaffiliated
Samantha MacKay Unaffiliated
Lila Mosberger Unaffiliated
riley nanista Unaffiliated
Laura Noyes Unaffiliated
Brynn Olsen Unaffiliated
Cordelia Peterson Unaffiliated
Ella Pierce Unaffiliated
Kestrel Pikiewicz Unaffiliated
sage rubin Unaffiliated
Hannah Schaefle-Cates Unaffiliated
Olyvia Schnake Unaffiliated
Ilana Steele Unaffiliated
Gemma Stites Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Mckenna Alackness Unaffiliated
Amelia Bird Unaffiliated
Kathryn Buol Unaffiliated
Lily Cairns-Kimball Unaffiliated
Hannah Chiaravalle Unaffiliated
Stella Cooper Unaffiliated
Frieda Ebel Unaffiliated
Claire Finlayson Unaffiliated
Violet Groenendaal Unaffiliated
Norah Hathcock Unaffiliated
Hattie Hermsen Unaffiliated
Liesl Hetzel Unaffiliated
Jasmine Holly Unaffiliated
Daisy Jacobson Unaffiliated
Skylar Kirsten Unaffiliated
Rece Klingsmith Unaffiliated
Zoe Lennartz Unaffiliated
Sophia McNab Unaffiliated
Charley Planegger Unaffiliated
Addison Reed Unaffiliated
Mackenzie Sargent Unaffiliated
Isadora Schneider Unaffiliated
Maya Silverman Unaffiliated
Heidi Stauffer Unaffiliated
Linden Stone Unaffiliated
Deva Tobias Unaffiliated
Lila Weich Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Anna Antohe Unaffiliated
Brooklyn Boyd Unaffiliated
Emerson Chamberlain Unaffiliated
Nola DuRoss Unaffiliated
Genevieve Hathcock Unaffiliated
Heidi Hetzel Unaffiliated
Maren Huss Unaffiliated
Rose Murdock Unaffiliated
Ella Music Unaffiliated
Lila Parker Unaffiliated
Lily Twiggs Unaffiliated

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